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On the 19th December, the Lord unexpectantly started giving me a word for 2016… ABUNDANT GOODNESS!

In my journal I read this quote from Julian of Norwich:

“The highest form of prayer is to the goodness of God…God only desires that our soul…clings to His goodness. For of all the things our minds can think about God, it is thinking about His goodness that pleases Him most and brings the most profit to our soul.”  Julian of Norwich

I was immediately drawn to Exodus 33 as I began thinking about the “goodness of God”….

Moses asks God to show Him His glory…And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence.”

Notice, God says to Moses, I will do this in YOUR PRESENCE!!  I was reminded that the GOODNESS OF GOD is when HIS PRESENCE manifests in some way, shape or form in MY PRESENCE!

I then looked on the following page of my journal and there was a scripture that has been a Psalm I regularly pray into and declare over our city:

“The will celebrate Your ABUNDANT GOODNESS and joyfully sing of your righteousness. The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.”
– Psalm 145:7-9

This is when the words ABUNDANT GOODNESS began to resonate deeply within my spirit. God was drawing my heart to these words….

And then I noticed what song was playing on my iPhone… “Let all Your goodness pass before us… Let Your presence surround us…there’s healing found in Your goodness… and miracles and wonders in the fullness… show us Your glory, we are desperate, show us the fullness, we will take it to the nations now… to the nations now…”

So God in just a few minutes had given me a song, a scripture, a quote and a deep witness in my spirit and these truths were being revealed:





Then 1st January came… the first day of 2016…God had already been birthing this word within me…but today was the first day of 2016… In the morning I was scrolling through my FB posts…and twice I read this scripture on different posts:


In this short and simple verse GOD WAS CLEARLY CONFIRMING HIS WORD TO ME ON THE FIRST DAY OF 2016!! I COULDN’T DENY IT… and if that wasn’t enough… shortly after reading these posts I opened my Bible and journal ready to spend some time with the Lord… and my phone beeped… it was a text with the same verse!!


I was then led to meditate on Proverbs 2 and verse 1 starts, “My son, if you accept my words…” God was asking me to ACCEPT THE WORD OF ABUNDANT GOODNESS for 2016!






I don’t know what the ABUNDANT GOODNESS will look like in your life this year, but I know it has to do with His presence coming into Your presence in this midst of situations no matter what the circumstances or even the outcomes. You see it doesn’t matter whether the report from the doctor comes back positive or negative, God is still good. Because His promise is, My presence is going to manifest in your presence no matter what the circumstances.

What He is asking of us today, is, will you accept my word of ABUNDANT GOODNESS today? Will you receive and believe it?

Submitted by Ps Candace Lahr, HOPEWA


6 JUNE 2016

On Thursday morning, 5th May I met with a friend for prayer at her workplace.  She shared with me how her daughter had gone scuba diving and she had recommended to her that she take off her engagement ring while diving.  Her daughter did not listen and she actually did lose it and it remains on the bottom of the ocean floor.   The tears and grief flowed and the pursuit began as they considered, “what can we do to find this lost treasure?”  They asked divers to go looking for it…they searched for an underwater metal detector…but all efforts failed.

We began to wait on the Lord for what He wanted us to pray about together and God began to speak to me: “This story is a prophetic picture of my people.  They are NOT LISTENING to Me and the ring represents a loss of intimacy, unity and love in relationship to Me.”   He continued, “Many of my people are swimming deep with the world, loving and listening to it. Why do My people have such grief over losing things of this world but have little grief over losing their intimacy and closeness with Me?  If they would search for Me like they were searching and pursuing that ring – which is only something of this earth and has no eternal value – then they would FIND ME!”

After this He reminded me of what the Father said to the disciples on top of the Mount of Transfiguration:  LISTEN TO HIM! (see Matthew 17)

At this time, I noticed the song playing on my iphone (on random) called DRAW NEAR by Passion…

Here I quiet my soul, You are all that I seek, Still within me the worries of life, Here my heart is at peace…

I draw near, I draw near to You, You draw near ,You draw near to me

Here I lay my life down, Cast my cares at Your feet, Jesus here in this moment with You, I have all that I need, Jesus You alone are my hiding place, My all in all, My everything

God’s heart is yearning for us to DRAW NEAR to Him and He promises He will DRAW NEAR to us!

The following morning the Lord woke me with Ezekiel 2-3 where I discovered the word LISTEN is used 8 times and I knew God was continuing to unfold this word.  God says to Ezekiel, “LISTEN carefully and take to heart all the words I speak to you…go speak…whether they LISTEN or fail to LISTEN.”

Two days later I woke and was led to read Jeremiah (1-13) and the overwhelming theme is that the people were NOT LISTENING and had forsaken the Lord.  He says, “They have forsaken the spring of living water and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that can’t hold water.” (Jer 2:13) Jeremiah 6:19 says, “…because they have NOT LISTENED to my words and have rejected my law.”

Later that day I was laying on the grass looking up at the sky (on holiday) and the Lord spoke “Acts 3.”  Verses 22-23 say, “For Moses said, ‘The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your people; you must LISTEN to everything He tells you.  Anyone who does NOT LISTEN to Him will be completely cut off from among His people.”

During these days I had bought a new cd by Steven Curtis Chapman who has a song called, WE ARE LISTENING…

You say the Word and the dark turns into light

You say the Word and the dead comes back to life

You say ‘be still’ to the crashing waves and the wind and the water obey

At your Word, every word is alive

We are listening, we are listening

Breathe Your living Word into us

God breathe Your living Word through us

We are listening, we are listening

Let us hear the sound of Your voice

And the beating of Your heart

We are listening

 You say the Word, the heavens open and the rains fall down

You say the Word and beauty springs from the frozen ground

From the ashes of our brokenness comes a beauty that will take our breath

From your word, cause every word is alive 

Holy Spirit we come into Your presence

Please open up our hearts and let us hear what You would say

Cause we are listening…we are listening…

Breathe Your living word into us

God breathe Your living word through us

May I encourage you to join me in LISTENING to what the Lord is saying through this word and these scriptures?  In response I have sensed the Lord asking me to go away for 3 days to LISTEN more closely.  I know this kind of response will not be possible for most, but draw near to Him and He will reveal to you what response He is wanting from you.  If you do NOT believe the word relates to you personally, then stand in the gap for your brothers and sisters who are NOT LISTENING.  As Acts 3 reveals, the consequences for NOT LISTENING TO JESUS are great! Let us be among those who can sing, WE ARE LISTENING!

by Candace Lahr, HOPEWA


13 FEBRUARY 2016

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  – Jesus in John 10:10

Jesus came to give us abundant life- we are to abide in the abundant goodness of God!  Great things are happening and we are on the verge of huge things, and because of that the enemy is not happy, and using his trickery to deceive because he does not like it. As I was praying I could see a protective boundary around a church and could feel the enemy trying to lurch to get in (prowling around like in 1 Peter 5: 8), but because of the boundaries in place he couldn’t. He is powerless because the victory is in Jesus. However it doesn’t stop him from trying to deceive and to prowl around, so we have to be vigilant and abide in God’s goodness. There were 4 areas that God showed me that we have to be vigilant in, and to focus on the abundant life that Christ gives:

1. Keeping our eyes on Jesus – not our circumstances, not on distractions, not on things going on around us, but on Jesus. The enemy is trying to throw different things people’s way to catch them off guard, to stop them doing what God has called them to do, to follow their flesh instead of the Spirit, with people thinking that it is abundant goodness, but it is a trick.  Keep our eyes on Jesus!

2.  Know our victory is in Jesus – we are victorious through Him.  We have abundant life through Him! We can experience the goodness of God through what He has done.  The enemy tries to intimidate people through circumstances, but don’t be intimated, our victory is in Jesus.  The enemy also tries to intimidate by saying we don’t deserve His goodness or abundance, but it is through His grace that we can!

3.  Watch what we let influence us – not only in the world around us (TV, social media etc), but also in our churches. I could see doors being open to wolves in sheep’s clothing and hirelings, who the church is letting speak and influence its sheep because they appear to be great on the outside and promote a message of false goodness, which is opening up a door for the enemy. We need to be vigilant on who we let influence us, and hear the voice of the true Shepherd, and cling to His goodness- because He gave His life for His sheep.

4.  Heart of unity – To abide in His goodness is for His heart to overflow in our lives, and that is particularly true of our relationships. A big way the enemy likes to deceive is through relationships – people turning against each other, unforgiveness, bitterness, divisions, offences. But we are to have a heart of unity, to love each other, to bear each other’s burdens, for His abundance to flow out of our life to one another.

– Submitted by Ps JARED KEALLEY, Eastgate Church


19 JULY 2016

Following on from the word from June (which you need to read first if you haven’t already), “To Listen or not to Listen, that is the question” I was led to take 3 days to get away with the Lord to just LISTEN!  I rented an apartment in North Perth with a city view and as I settled in I put my songs on random and the first one that played was “STOP THE WORLD” by Matthew West.  It seemed this was God’s way of confirming that I was in the right place and He was ready to speak and I was ready to listen.

“Stop the world, I wanna get out I need an escape away from this crowd Just to hear You speak to me.  I need to be still before I make a move And I need to be humble with nothing to prove And I need Your Word to show me the truth I need time, precious time.  Stop the world, I wanna get out I need an escape away from this crowd Just to hear You speak to me.  Stop the world, I’M READY TO LISTEN…Before I can find my voice I need to hear Your voice Above all the senseless noise.

Then as I waited on the Lord He reminded me of a word emailed to be the day before and as I began to read it I knew this was the beginning of the Father’s heart He was about to share with me.  The word written by John Yates was a challenge to consider our lack of suffering in prayer for the lost…

Willing suffering for the lost is a catalyst for redemptive shame that turns people not away from the Lord but towards him for cleansing by the power of his blood (Isa6:5; Acts 20:28). This transforming presence is released from the heavenly altar cleansed with the atoning blood of Christ but mediated through the prayers and suffering of the saints (Col 1:24; 2 Tim   2:10). John Yates

God is the only one who can save souls, but it is our prayers that releases and mediates His transforming presence to those souls!  That is why Jesus teaches us to prayer, “Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  He was saying to us that His power to save is released through our prayers for His kingdom to come and His will to be done!

Shortly after this I was led to the story of Jonah where God was showing me Jonah’s heart and how much we are like him!

Jonah didn’t have the Father’s heart for the lost people of Ninevah which is why he ran from God and the assignment.  And then even when he did obey, his attitude after God relents from sending calamity reveals he still didn’t have the heart of the Father who was concerned about their souls.  Although he knew the heart of God: gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love and a God who relents from sending calamity (4:2), He was still displeased and angry when God actually forgave and saved the people!

Jonah didn’t care about the lost souls of that city, but God did!  And the message God was revealing is that SO MANY OF US ARE MORE LIKE JONAH THAN WE REALISE.  MANY OF US IN THE CHURCH ARE GOING ABOUT BEING OBEDIENT TO THE ASSIGNMENTS GOD HAS GIVEN US BUT WE ARE STILL LACKING HIS HEART FOR THE LOST.  This is evident by our lack of genuine and concerned prayer for the lost and the lack of salvations in our churches.

So I began to ask God the questions:  Why don’t we really have the Father’s heart for the lost in our city?  Why don’t we care?   And God said 2 things:

1)      You don’t see people as I do!  You see them as rebellious, disobedient, evil, mean, prideful, sinful, sexually immoral, etc.  AND they are all those things and more but these are the EXTERNAL THINGS….I see the heart!  I see their lost soul, their brokenness, the abuse they have endured, the fear and hopelessness that grips some of them and the spiritual forces of darkness that keep them blinded to the light and that are at work to deceive and destroy them.

2)      He revealed the state of our hearts in Amos 6….COMPLACENT!  You…

  • Lounge on your couches (love of entertainment)
  • Dine on choice lambs (love of food, unwillingness to fast)
  • Singing your songs (love of entertainment and for the things of this world promoted in worldly music)
  • Drink wine (love of pleasure and pursuit of happiness rather than holiness and Christ-like character)
  • Use the finest lotions (love of beauty and spending time and money unnecessarily)


He was saying we are lovers of pleasure and this is keeping our hearts from hearing, seeing and feeling what He does for the lost souls of our city and state!  We have become numb, lazy, and too focused on how we can be happy and make a good life for ourselves.  We have lost His heart and concern for the lost that has been beating since the fall of man and is the reason He sent Jesus…because HE SO LOVED THE WORLD…and His desire is that “all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.”  (1 Timothy 2:4)

I personally had to begin responding to the rebuke from the Lord and confess the many hours I have wasted, my lack of concern for lost souls and my not seeing the lost as He does.

Here is what God is looking for from us:

First, He wants us to know that it is His desire to bring a harvest of souls to our city/state/nation – this is what’s on His heart!

Second we must ask forgiveness for our love of pleasures and not caring about the eternal destination of souls, for our prayerlessness and for NOT LISTENING.

Third, He is looking for our willingness to join Jesus in His suffering….this begins by….

Fourth, asking Him to give us His heart for the lost…ask for it to be released from heaven into our hearts…they need the transforming presence of Jesus in their lives, they need revelation, they need conviction, they need a vision of His love for them….ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT, but He asks us to pray for the Kingdom of heaven to come and His will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven….PRAYER is our part!

I can personally testify to God’s faithfulness over these last several weeks that if we will begin asking the Father to give us His heart for lost souls and to pray through us, He will share His grieving heart for them and pray through us and release His presence and power through us!  Church, let’s repent and LISTEN to His heart beating for a harvest of souls and do our part to see the lost become found!


How are you a lover of pleasure rather than a lover of God?

What is your life of prayer for the lost like?  Be honest….its ok if you don’t know much about prayer but it is not ok if you just use that as an excuse!

Do you have the Father’s heart for the lost?  Really?

Do you care about the lost souls of this city?

Do you have the Father’s concern for the lost souls like He did for Ninevah…and for the world?

What evidence in your life would suggest that you really do care about their souls?  It is not just enough to be like Jonah and obey Him in your assignment, He is looking for willing vessels to give birth to souls in prayer!

Do you see them as God sees them?

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”  James 1:22

And here is a way to start….

Ask the Father to put a person or group of people who are lost on your heart

Ask the Father to help you see them as He sees them

Ask the Father to release angels to deal with the spiritual forces of darkness at work in their lives to steal, kill, destroy and deceive them

Ask the Father to release His transforming presence through your heart and tears and prayers right now for them…His light, revelation, love, truth, conviction of sin, etc. 

-Word submitted by Ps Candace Lahr