Hello HOPEWA Family!

As you know over the last several months we as a leadership team (Candace, Izzy, Diana, Debra) have sensed God speaking to us about a “change” coming.  This led us to pursue an intentional season of prayer and fasting to wait on Him for His will and purposes for us as an organisation.  At our AGM in August, we shared with our membership what we believe the Lord is asking of us and last night we voted (unanimously) on our decision. 

We want to start with sharing what that CHANGE IS and then how we got to that decision. 

“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”
John 12:24

In short, we believe that HOPEWA is like the seed that needs to go into the ground and be buried and die (John 12:24), so that all that is in the seed can come forth and bear many more seeds.  In other words, we believe HOPEWA as an organisation needs to close.

So let us share how all this began and a bit of the journey.  Several months ago at our Leadership Team meeting while asking God about this “change” Debra had a vision and Diana had a word….

Debra had 4 pictures one after another

  • I saw a daisy flower fully open looking at me, then it turned to the left and then it was closed halfway and the next time it was closed fully.
  • Then I saw an old log cabin, it was only small and it had a material curtain across the front. An old man opened the curtain and went in.  He got down on his knees in front of a bench to pray.  His bible was opened in front of him and an old candle holder with a candle in it was lit.  He then blew out the candle.
  • Then I saw a stallion rising up on its hind legs. It had a loose rope around its neck being held by someone (I didn’t see this person).
  • Then I saw the sun rising over the waters. I was standing on a beach and the water was calm, it represented a new dawn (day) to me. 

Diana had a word….

“My ways are not your ways.  My strategies will surprise you because they will be contrary to what is expected.  They may even be far-fetched.  I will ask you to do strange things as I did with Jeremiah and Ezekiel in days of old.  As you do these things in obedience it will release the things I want to take place.  My ways are not your ways.  I’m a creative God.  The impossible will transpire.”

These two words led us to close the HOP in July and intentionally use this time to seek the Lord for further insight and revelation around what He was saying. 

After a couple weeks of praying and fasting on our own we met with our Advisory Team (12 July)

  • The meeting began with Diana receiving a call – her friend and sister’s prayer partner had suddenly died….this somehow seemed significant to us in its timing but we didn’t know how at the time.
  • James Goss had a word about everything being in the seed and Isaiah 43:18-19 about a New Thing and sensing that it was not anything like the old – something totally new
  • Paul Botha had a word regarding HOPEWA and the foundations having been already laid. Also that the “house” of prayer is an invisible house.   

While processing the above with the Lord one day, Candace was reminded of a dream someone shared with her in December 2020 in relationship to the HOP…

In the dream the lady (who had the dream) was standing on the edge of a grass oval in Perth and Candace was waving at the other end of the oval and saying, “It’s this way.” And when she came to Candace, Julie King was also there. She was looking for a building and Candace said, “It’s not quite like that.” Julie then told her to close her eyes and she saw the building. She then went on to describe what she was seeing “in the spirit.”

In describing what she saw “in the spirit,” we understand she was seeing what God had been establishing as the FOUNDATION of the House of Prayer, (which Paul had said was now complete) and what James had described as being “everything is in the seed.”  For example, one of the specific things she said was how “the place screamed the PEACE of Jesus and reminded her of Ffald y Brenin (see book called “Grace Outpouring”) and we were running courses on what it looks like to sit at the feet of Jesus.”

This dream connected with us in several significant ways.  A couple years ago we had been led by the Lord to read about Ffald y Brenin House of Prayer in Wales and God specifically used that book to guide and encourage us.  The word “peace” has been used to describe our House of Prayer space here in Huntingdale more than any other word!  And, of course, we have been running “Sit at His Feet” sessions weekly for a couple of years as well! 

Through all of that, we believe God is saying that everything He spoke to us in the beginning when we asked Him what He wanted this HOP to be, is in the seed.   Everything we have interceded into or prophetically done through the strategies He gave the last 9 years are in the seed.  These are the foundational things of the House of Prayer for our city and they have all been established within the seed.   They all have in some way been either prayed into or actually expressed in some way and are therefore established within the seed…

Some examples are:

  • Day and Night worship and prayer
  • Prayer for the Church
  • Prayer for the Persecuted Church
  • Prayer for the Nations
  • Prayer with and for Youth
  • Prayer with and for Children (including the unborn)
  • Prayer for Chaplains
  • Prayer for the mountains of influence (Government, Marketplace, Education, etc)
  • Prayer in unity across denominations and cultures
  • Prayer around the city, in the city, in the country
  • Prayer concentrated in a region and with the Pastoral leadership
  • Prayer ministry to the soul (healing and deliverance)

Therefore, this seed is now ready to be put in the ground, in order to die and eventually break forth and bear fruit and a harvest in our city/state.  Debra’s visions of a flower closing and a light being blown out and then a new thing – a stallion ready to run and a new day rising with the sun, speak to this dying and the new thing coming forth from the seed. 

We imagine that for many of you this news is quite unexpected.  It has been for us too!  However, as Diana received from the Lord at the beginning of our seeking God, He said it would be unexpected and so as a Leadership Team, Advisory Team and HOPEWA Membership, we are believing that as the seed of the HOP dies, God will be faithful to bring that seed to harvest in His way and in His time! 

We have also been greatly encouraged by a perspective that James Goss prayed into at our AGM.  He was reflecting on how he had been a part of several “closures” over the years with organisations/churches, but that this one was so different.  He recounted how there had often been conflicts or crises in leadership or financial lack that had caused other organisations to close.  However, HOPEWA  is not closing because of debt or from lack of finances.  We haven’t had some kind of leadership crisis.  We haven’t had conflict or disunity among us.  In fact, we are loving one another more now than ever.  We are united in our understanding of what the Lord is asking of us and we are able to be a blessing to others financially as we close.  As James shared, this bears the mark of the Lord.  We believe this to be a beautiful sign from Him that we are in the centre of His will and bringing joy to His heart as we obey. 

Here is a song God gave us in the journey called, “Seasons Change” by United Pursuit and it declares so simply the truth of His faithfulness and love in the whole journey, including now in this change of season.  Indeed, we believe HIS LOVE REMAINS through it all and He will send the rain to water the seed that is about to be planted! 

Though the music changes
And the songs we sing
We still lift our praises to our loving God and King

Though the seasons change
Your love remains
Your love remains

Lord, You’ve been faithful to plant the seeds
And You will be faithful to always send Your rain
Lord, You’ve been faithful to plant the seeds
And You will be faithful to always send Your rain…
You are faithful…

Though the seasons change
Your love remains
Your love remains

If you would like to journey with us in this planting of the seed and


we are hosting our final



Dreambuilders Church, Malaga

It will be an evening of fellowship (Grazing Table) followed by Worship, Testimonies, Prayer and giving thanks to God for all that He has done, is doing and is about to do!  Please see the flyer below and the link to register!

If you have any questions or insights you would like to share with any of us about our decision we would be happy to meet with you and share further. 

For those who have been supporting us MONTHLY, we would ask that you prayerfully consider giving through the end of OCTOBER as we process through all the winding up responsibilities.  And if you would like to continue to support Candace personally through this transition season for her, feel free to contact her directly. 

We want to express our deep gratitude to all of you who have been journeying with us these 9 years and especially to those who have also sown into this seed in some way, shape or form! 

  • For those who have led worship…
  • For those who have led prayer sessions…
  • For all who attended a meeting and prayed/worshipped with us…
  • For those who have financially sown…
  • For those who hosted here at the HOP…
  • For those who helped set up and pack up…
  • For those who helped with sound or media…
  • For every church who hosted a HOPEWA event…
  • For each person who served on our Leadership…
  • For those who covered us in prayer daily…
  • For those who sent us encouraging messages along the way…


Your love, your faith, your humble and willing heart to serve, your joy, your tears, your prayers, your adoration of Jesus….all are a part of the seed about to be planted and we all will be blessed for the contribution you have made to what is in the seed! 

Father, Son and Spirit above all we THANK YOU for Your faithfulness to us through it all.  You have orchestrated this journey from the very beginning and we have been so privileged to partner with Your Kingdom purposes and heart for united prayer and worship in our city and state!  THANK YOU for all You have done, are doing and will continue to do in and through us all as we continually surrender to Your will in our lives.  We love You! 


Candace, Diana, Debra, Izzy


Will the Persecuted Church prayer meetings continue?  Yes, Diana Thomas will continue to lead her monthly prayer meetings for the Persecuted Church.  Please contact her for more information! 

Will the Wonder Women Worship nights continue? The Wonder Women Leadership Team has scheduled their last event for 3 December 2021 and then will be prayerfully considering whether to continue in 2022. 

What does this mean for Candace?  At this stage she has only been led to take a couple months off and is expectant that God will reveal in this time what is next for her. 

You can also read a word from John Yates that was released on 22 July that was significant for us in making our decision called, “The Dying Seed”   Click here:  Dying Seed | Cross Connect (





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