Recently I read this word from Lana Vawser: 

“THOSE THAT LINGER:  I had a dream a few years ago and the Lord thundered all night long “I am looking for those who will linger.” As I was waking He whispered “For those who will linger, I will entrust the secrets of My heart”

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (ESV)

I cannot get away from this dream more than ever in the last few months. The Lord is looking for those who will linger. Acceleration does not mean doing MORE for God, it means partnering with what HE is doing and seeing HIM do things more quickly than we have ever seen in a supernatural and accelerated way.  It isn’t a place of “I am doing more for God”, it is the place of being carried in the slipstream of His Spirit, accelerated in the REST of what HE is doing.

In this new era, there is a temptation and will be a temptation to do more and more and more as opportunities arise and doors open but not every door and opportunity, is God. Wisdom (James 1:5) is needed more than ever in this new era. God is pouring out heavenly wisdom and discernment to those who will ask. Don’t get busy “doing things for God” in this new era. It is IMPERATIVE to PRIORITISE lingering with Him and putting your hands to what He is building and HOW He is building, not what is “man made” building.”

This word to “LINGER” has really resonated with us here at the HOP as the Lord has been revealing to us that “He is looking for LOVERS who will LINGER with Him and LISTEN.”  It is the picture of Mary in Luke 10 who is found sitting at the feet of Jesus LISTENING!  Jesus declares about Mary that she has “chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”  

We pray that you too will hear the Father’s heart cry in this season to be SITTING at His feet, LINGERING in His presence and LISTENING for the secrets He longs to speak into your heart!  

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